A single application to manage everything

"Bookker, the Spanish startup that made Telefónica and Danone fall in love", this is how Business Insider presents us in its article.

Companies need solutions to their problems, not more headaches: "Our differential value is to have been able to easily integrate the management of all these places in a single modular application," Miguel Angel Orellana, CEO of Bookker.

Our story begins with the search for efficiency in all imaginable spaces in companies. From the workstations, to the canteen and the parking lot. Covid-19 has accelerated everything and it is no longer just a question of optimization, it is an urgent necessity.

"Bookker's goal is to cover all possible scenarios", currently with a presence in 12 countries and the support of large companies such as Telefonica or Dadone, we are moving towards a digitized working future and within reach of a single click.

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