'Hot Desking' is here

The era of flexibility has arrived. The pandemic brings a new way of working that has not yet reached its full dimension. 

"Companies will transform their real estate into direct revenue by monetizing space that is underutilized and causing expenses", Miguel Ángel Orellana founder and CEO of Bookker.

In the reconfiguration of offices, large companies are turning to space management solutions like Bookker to:

  • Introduce social distancing measures
  • Reserve spaces, rooms and seats in a new, efficient and safe way
  • Help companies establish their future strategies

We share with you an article from El País that explains how the implementation of hybrid work is forcing companies to rethink their spaces and re-rent their surplus space

This is the reason why companies such as Telefónica, MásMóvil, Mahou San Miguel and Danone use our application.

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