The new way of working starts by reserving a place in the office

After much debate, the return to the office is progressing, albeit according to its own rules. There are few indisputable issues, and one of them is that the hybrid model is in the lead, giving rise to a whole new work paradigm for which we have barely had time to prepare. 

In this regard, José Luis Casal, Bookker's CMO, is clear: "We must create mechanisms so that this does not have an impact on efficiency, productivity and costs". What is the most logical answer? Adopting applications and platforms that make our lives easier and transit much more enjoyable.

Therefore, 'Levanta la Cabeza' by Atresmedia, brings us a compilation of tools with which to successfully face the return to work; a list in which Bookker could not miss, being one of the favorites in efficient and safe space management, with all the facilities provided by its augmented reality system.
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