Connect your office to the future

Create an attractive and intelligent office that connects your employees and optimizes your organization’s resources. your organization’s resources.

Spaces and meeting rooms

Manage your meetings and request associated services

Select schedule, room capacity, guests and other requirements. In addition, you will be able to request services to enjoy in your meetings.

Attendance control of participants

Consult the meeting details and the attendance and availability responses of the invited participants.

Location of spaces with floor plan

Easily find resources and make reservations in the most convenient locations.

Direct check-in and reservations with augmented reality

Check on the spot the availability of a space and reserve it immediately with the camera of your cell phone.

Integration with your current tools

Use your usual management tools or your corporate emails without fear. Bookker synchronizes both environments for you.


Flexible workplaces

Configure the available workstations as hot workstations or as fixed workstations according to the need of each moment.

Make quick reservations in 1 click

Configure your preferences in your user profile and book jobs quickly and immediately.

Quick check-in with augmented reality

Confirm your reservation quickly with your cell phone camera, thus avoiding unused stalls.

Location of posts with floor plan

Easily find resources and make reservations in the most convenient locations.

Reserve slots for your entire team in a single action

Make block job reservations for an entire team for as long as needed.


Efficient vacancy management

It registers and manages vehicles and resources in an agile and efficient way, avoiding unused spaces and benefiting more employees.

Reserve recharge points

If you are an electric vehicle user, you can look for parking spaces that allow charging.

Assignment of parking spaces

Users with a fixed parking space will be able to make their parking available to the rest of the organization so that it never becomes unused.

Dining room

Personalized shifts

Create as many dining room shifts as you need and customize their duration and availability.

Quick check-in with augmented reality

Configure check-in options to confirm reservations and avoid unused sites.