Augmented Reality and changes in the world of work

realidad aumentada trabajo

Technology is changing the way we interact, move and work. One of the solutions that is transforming the workplace is Augmented Reality. Able to combine digital information with the real world, it enables workers to be more efficient, better informed and more creative.

It is also responding to some of the needs of organizations that have arisen as a result of digitalization. Through Augmented Reality it is possible to improve the performance of companies that have opted for hybrid on-site models. There are solutions that make it possible to reserve workspaces by making use of this technology.

To sum up:

  • Augmented Reality is changing the way we work, making workers more efficient, better informed and more creative.
  • It is also improving workplace safety, making it possible to see safety instructions in real time and receive alerts in case of danger.
  • Its impact is being significant in different sectors, such as entertainment, medicine and education.
  • In hybrid workspaces, there are applications that use this technology to reserve common spaces.

What is Augmented Reality?

It is a technology that superimposes a virtual layer on the real world. This is achieved through digital devices, which can be, tablets, Augmented Reality glasses, etc. The information that is superimposed is varied, from data on a painting to the 3D visualization of a building under construction.

Augmented Reality makes use of specialized hardware and software. The former includes cameras, sensors and other electronic devices that collect information about the real world. As for the software, it processes this data and generates a virtual image that is superimposed on the real world in real time.

The immersive experiences it provides are having a wide impact on sectors such as leisure, medicine and education. Its constant evolution and the change it has brought about in the way we relate to our environment means that it has more and more diverse applications.

How is it changing the way we work?

Applied to the world of work, it is having a great impact, to such an extent that it has changed the way of producing in some sectors from top to bottom. Among the advantages that the application of Augmented Reality in this field has, the following stand out:

  • Efficiency. It allows workers to perform more tasks in less time. Augmented Reality glasses allow access to relevant information while performing field tasks, increasing the precision of your work and reducing time.
  • Decision making. This technology makes it possible to visualize real-time information about an organization, leading to more informed decisions.
  • Creativity. Designers from all fields use AR to visualize how their designs will look in the real world before building them. Not only is it possible to make more and more accurate sketches, but it saves a great deal of cost by not having to create them physically.

How does Augmented Reality improve safety at work?

One of the great advantages of Augmented Reality is that it makes it possible to visualize information in real time while performing dangerous activities. Thus, operators have more data than ever to be able to anticipate potential problems before they arise. The benefits of this technology in this area stand out in three areas:

  • Visibility. Workers see safety instructions in real time, reducing the risk of injury or accidents. They can also receive alerts if they detect hazards to their physical integrity or to the process in which they are involved.
  • Training. AR makes it possible to send and receive instructions while performing tasks. This translates into a faster training process and an advance in occupational risk prevention.
  • Communication. Finally, this technology makes it possible for employees to share information in real time, resolving extreme situations more efficiently.

How does it reduce costs for companies?

Augmented Reality allows companies to test in virtual environments without the need to replicate them in the physical world. This means a significant reduction in costs both in raw materials for its construction and in labor for its elaboration.

Another way in which it contributes to reducing business expenses is by reducing downtime. Solutions that make use of Augmented Reality help to repair broken machinery more easily. Thus, both technical and human teams can resume their activity more quickly.

It also plays a significant role in quality inspections. These are more detailed and thorough than ever before thanks to AR, which translates into:

  • Fewer breakdowns.
  • Less time for future inspections.
  • Fewer personnel to perform these tests.

How to manage workspaces with Augmented Reality

Another way in which companies are taking advantage of Augmented Reality is by optimizing the management of their resources. There are services that use this technology that allow real-time visualization of the availability of common spaces, desks, parking spaces, canteen shifts, etc.

This new way of making use of these resources allows organizations to improve their productivity and efficiency. These solutions are intuitive to use and do not require special devices, only a cell phone to install them from Google Play or Apple Store.

These tools propose a new work culture based on the optimization of resources, allowing the optimization of time and resources of organizations.

What industries are making use of Augmented Reality?

Due to its versatility, ease of use and benefits, several industries are making use of Augmented Reality to streamline their processes. The advantages over previous models are notorious and the return on investment is guaranteed. Some of the industries that are using it are:

  • Manufacturing. AR is allowing from improving efficiency in the production line, increasing accuracy in the installation and maintenance of machinery. It is also providing training to workers in a more effective way through content adapted to their jobs.
  • Retail. Physical stores are using it to improve the customer shopping experience and display their products in a more attractive way.
  • Healthcare. In this sector, it is making a breakthrough in medical training and education. Precision in medical procedures and surgeries has also taken a leap forward thanks to this technology.
  • Construction. It is possible to visualize projects in 3D, improve collaboration between teams, and plan and execute projects using Augmented Reality solutions.

New work environments

The application of Augmented Reality in workplaces and production processes is achieving significant advances. Efficiency, decision making and creativity are some of the variables that are reaching maximum levels thanks to this technology.

In the case of organizations that make use of a hybrid system, it has also brought about a revolution in resource management. Through AR-based applications, it is possible to optimize the use of workspaces, leading to a peak in productivity never seen before.